Libby Squire’s mum says she ‘longs to die’ so she can ‘be with her girl’


Libby Squire’s mum has released an emotional statement about how she “longs to die” without her daughter before Pawel Relowicz was jailed for the student’s murder today.

Nurse, Lisa Squire, 50, fought back tears as she read out her devastating victim statement to the Judge who was sentencing Libby’s killer.

She told how losing Libby was “torture” and told of her “silent screams” at the loss.

Predator Relowicz preyed on the 21-year-old University of Hull student, who was found dead in the Humber Estuary almost seven weeks after she disappeared after a night out.

He targeted Libby, from Bedfordshire, while she was distressed and confused in the street on February 1, 2019, after being turned away from a nightclub for being too drunk.

Sick Relowicz has today been jailed at Sheffield Crown Court for life with a minimum term of 27 years.

He has also been handed 18 years for rape concurrently.

Libby’s mum Lisa spoke of her heartbreak, saying she now “silently screams in pain” at the loss of her daughter.

She told a hushed courtroom: “There are no words that can explain the torture of living without my Libby.

“She was a sister, a grandaughter, niece and cousin.

“I have not only lost my daughter but the opportunity to be a grandmother to her children.

“In any times of trouble she wanted me, her mum. Knowing I was not there when she needed me will haunt me for the rest of my life.

“I now live in two worlds where I live as a mother, wife, friend and employee but there is also a world that will run parallel and is a dark and lonely world. In this world I long to die so I can be with my girl. I wake up with disappointment that I will live another day.

“This is a world where I silently scream in pain and pray that one day we will be reunited in a dream, a world where we constantly look for signs in every rainbow.

“A world I didn’t want to be in. Imagine wanting to live to be here with your children but one where you long to die so I can be with my child.

“There is nothing more amazing than hearing your child say I love you and she told me all of the time. I’m so proud of our beautiful, caring and wonderful girl.

“My memories of her are always in my thoughts and I will never allow our bond to be broken.”

In a statement read out by prosecuting barrister Richard Wright QC, Libby’s sister Beth also shared her anguish.

She said: “Having to grow up around something so traumatic is not something a child should do.

“Such is the shifting of roles, losing a shared future of siblings.

“I suppose people have varying degrees of closeness with their siblings but Libby and I grew up to be friends.

“When I was little I idolised her and she provided me with unique advice.

“I now face a scary and unknown world without her support as the eldest sibling.

“I’m now the eldest and although that has been forced upon me, I hope I can follow her footsteps.

“We will miss her terribly.”

Polish-born dad of two Relowicz would tell his wife he was off for a run and instead visit his favourite “hot spots” in the student area.

In a “terrible twist of fate” on January 31st 2019, he crossed paths with Libby.

She had been turned away from a nightclub for being too drunk.

Her pals had put her in a taxi home and paid her fare back to their shared house. But she never made it inside.

After getting out of the taxi she staggered off into the snow covered streets.

Passers by tried to help her as she fell to the ground.

But eventually she was picked up by the “utterly gross and disgusting” sexual predator Relowicz.

He offered to take her home, doing up her seatbelt once he got her in his car.

But instead of taking her to safety he drove straight past her street and took her to remote playing fields, where he raped her on a grass verge.

It is then believed he dragged her to the river nearby and dumped her “dead or dying” into the freezing water below.